Our Chef

The chef of the Alexandrovsky restaurant Alexander Yanovsky:

“Undoubtedly, the chef is the key figure in any restaurant: often visitors come to a favorite institution for the sake of a particular chef, or even to try a separate dish cooked under his direction. Therefore, I am perfectly aware of the responsibility that lies with me, as the head of the kitchen of such a restaurant as “Alexandrovsky”. Fortunately, I have a lot of work experience, although it’s a sin to hide, every day there are questions that you have to answer, first of all, to yourself. My responsibilities include managing the work of the rest of the chefs, organizing their jobs, controlling the quality of dishes, managing the cost price, etc. All this, sometimes too much, for one person. Fortunately, most of my colleagues and restaurant staff are people with whom I worked for many years, which makes it possible to understand each other with a half-word.