Among the trees of French Boulevard, hiding a beautiful old mansion, which the hospitable atmosphere of noble hospitality!

It is the restaurant “Alexandrovskiy” – the embodied dream of Odessa’s gourmets!

This mansion was built by the era of the reign of Alex II and immediately became a haven for musical and art lovers. And no wonder, since its owner was the famous Odessa’s merchant, philanthropist and collector Joseph Konelskiy.

As in the real resident of Odessa, he had strong commercial streak, which helped him put together a considerable fortune. However, since childhood love in ancient Greece and Rome, he spent a significant portion of their income on collecting art.

Dating with the best antique dealers, the existence of its own agents and advice of leading historians of the ancient world did their job. Konelskie’ mansion became a receptacle of one of the finest private collections of antiquities in the south of the Empire. In addition to antique sculpture and ceramics in the mansion also saves a great selection of paintings, which included mainly the work of contemporary Russian and European masters.

Spouses Konelskie were hospitable people and had friendship with many poets, actors and artists. In 1910, a whole summer they have famous futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov.

It was rumored that the poet actually had an affair with the mistress of the house. But the rumors have not been proven. Much more than a proven fact is the fact that they are regularly arranged in a host dinners at the dinner and generally reputed to be gourmets and connoisseurs of good food. This also helped the family after the revolution.

Strange as it sounds, but Konelskie after the events of 1917 remained in Odessa, and even continued to live in his house. And during the NEP Konelskie’ daughter tried to organize in their house a small restaurant with a veranda and tables in the garden.

The restaurant was named “Alexandrovskiy” (one of the versions after Czar Alexander, and on the other after Konelskie family member) and applied it to that food, which are used to cook at home before the revolution: the old aristocratic recipes, which were intertwined and Russian French cuisine. The restaurant used in those days some success. However, after the collapse of the NEP, the restaurant was closed, and the Konelskie’ daughter from the mansion to move further out in the ordinary communal apartment. On-site restaurant staged a lab, then house and abandoned altogether.

So he stood for a long time, as long as it does not have decided to revive the memory of Konelskie, and not resume restaurant “Alexandrovskiy” In this restaurant all the way and was supposed at the time of the Emperor Alexander, when the glory of the best restaurants in the empire was maintained at the expense of talent and experience the best domestic and French chefs, when the fashionable again entered Russian cuisine, and the French simply did not go out of fashion. When merchants compete in generosity we lay their lunches, the best wine and champagne was mandatory in addition to excellent viands!
“Aleksanrovskiy” restaurant again hospitably opened its doors to fans of the noble kitchens and waiting for you!